Employee of the Year

Exceeding Expectations


Throughout his years 13 years of service with the District, Kyle has demonstrated unwavering loyalty and dedication to MCSD.  He gets along well with his co-workers, provides excellent customer service, and is always willing to help out on and off the clock.


Each year, McKinleyville Community Services District (MCSD) employees vote for Employee of the Year. This award and recognition was started by Norman Shopay in 2009 and has been continued due to overwhelming staff support.

The Employee of the Year is chosen through a secret ballot by their peers and judged on merit of the employee’s contributions to MCSD.

The Employee of the Year must be a person who has brought about significant positive change, one who eliminates obstacles in achieving District goals and objectives, is resourceful, contributes constructively, innovates, exceeds expectations, inspires others, and proactively identifies and resolves challenges.

The 2019 Employee of the Year honor was awarded to Kyle Stone, who truly exemplifies the qualifications required. Kyle will hold this distinction for the 2020 calendar year, and a new Employee of the Year will be chosen at the end of 2020.

Previous Year's Recipients:

2018 - Erik Jones, Lead Person

2017 - Jennifer Olsen, Customer Service Specialist

2016 - Chris Jones, Utility Person II

2015 - Diane Sloane, Human Resources & Payroll Manager

2014 - David Baldosser, Customer Service Supervisor

2013 - Bill McBroome, Utility Person II

2012 - Lesley Frisbee, Recreation Director

2011 - James Henry, Operations Director

2010 - Tony Rutten, Maintenance Supervisor

2009 - Sharon Denison, Board Secretary