100 Acres of Pasture Land for Lease

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Request for Proposals for Lease of 100 acres of Pasture Land
McKinleyville Community Services District (MCSD) is requesting proposals from interested parties to lease and manage approximately 100 acres of pasture land located along the Mad River in McKinleyville, CA.  The property consists of a 39 acre upper terrace of which 36 acres can be irrigated with treated wastewater and 62 acres of bottom land of which 46 acres can be irrigated with treated wastewater.
There is also one large hay barn 8,250 square feet (see attached map).  For many years the property was operated as a Dairy Ranch, but due to current environmental regulations it is necessary to restrict grazing of livestock on the parcel.  The hay and silage produced from the property for the last five years has been certified organic.
The District is interested in considering various lease terms including a long term lease (up to 5 years with option to renew).  The District is interested in receiving proposals of how to best utilize the property and allow the continued use of treated water for irrigation within the parameters of the MCSD Waste Discharge Permit.
The District will initially evaluate proposals received by April 22, 2019 , but will continue to receive and consider proposals until an accepted lease is negotiated.
The draft lease can be requested and a tour of the property can be arranged or questions answered by contacting:
Greg Orsini
(707) 839-3251