Remembering Past Board Member, Dr. Bill Wennerholm


RELEASE DATE:                          June 19, 2019

RUN THROUGH:                         July 1, 2019                    

FROM:                                      McKinleyville Community Services District

                                                Gregory Orsini, General Manager

                                                 (707) 839-3251

SUBJECT:                                  Remembering Past Board Member, Dr. Bill Wennerholm

McKinleyville, CA – McKinleyville Community Services District will be flying our flag at half-staff in honor of Dr. Bill Wennerholm who passed away June 11, 2019. The flag will remain at half-staff for 12 days to honor Dr. Bill’s 12 years of service on the MCSD Board of Directors. He served on the MCSD Board of Directors from December 19, 2001 to December 5, 2013, during his time he was President in 2005 and Vice President in 2004, 2008 and 2009.

Dr. Bill’s service to the McKinleyville community was recognized, honored and commended in a 2014 Resolution; stating that he provided an insight into the future, benefitting McKinleyville in the present and for years to come.  Approaching his duties as a member of the MCSD Board of Directors in a logical straightforward manner always cognizant to represent the best interests of the ratepayers through consensus minus personal agenda.  Through his service on various active committees, including the Redwood Region Economic Development Commission, McKinleyville Senior Center and the Employee Negotiating Committee, the McKinleyville community, and his continued support of MCSD’s staff throughout the years will not soon be duplicated or forgotten.

During his three terms as a MCSD Board Member, Dr. Bill provided leadership and consenting votes by participating in the:

  • Development of the Hiller Sports Complex
  • WWMF Treatment Marsh and Storm Water Marsh Upgrade
  • Grant Ramey Booster Station Upgrade
  • Adoption of the Wastewater 20 Year Facility Plan
  • Enhancement of Pierson park; including a community garden, Bocce Ball Courts and an addition to the Library
  • Work on the original Five Year Strategic Plan
  • WWMF Improvement Project Design
  • Work on the Teen Center
  • Acquisition of strategic land and development parcels

All of which serves the current and long-range needs of the citizenship and community we live and work in.

As stated so eloquently by a McKinleyville resident during the November 2013 Election concerning Dr. Bill, “MCSD does not need a complete redo, just an occasional adjustment to remain performing at an optimum level.”  We express our deepest gratitude for the contributions and “adjustments” made for the betterment of the District and the future of McKinleyville by Dr. Bill.

Please direct comments or questions to Gregory Orsini, General Manager, at (707) 839-3251 or