McKinleyville Community Services District Commemorates Special Districts Week

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The McKinleyville Community Services District (MCSD) will commemorate Special Districts Week to encourage residents of McKinleyville to be involved in their community and be civically engaged with their local government.

Special Districts Week, September 22-28, was established by the California State Legislature earlier this year with bi-partisan approval of Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR) 89.

“The recognition of Special Districts Week helps our community understand the efficient and effective services provided by Special Districts like MCSD,” stated Greg Orsini, General Manager.

ACR 89 was sponsored by The California Special Districts Association (CSDA), which is a statewide association representing over 1,000 special districts and affiliate organizations throughout the state. Special districts are local government entities created by a community’s residents, funded by those residents, and overseen by those residents, to provide specialized services and infrastructure.

McKinleyville Community Services District was formed in 1970 to provide Water and wastewater services to McKinleyville, CA. In 1972, the voters added street lighting powers, in 1985 the voters added recreational powers and in 1995 the voters authorized construction of the McKinleyville Library. In 2020, McKinleyville Community Services District will be celebrating 50 years of providing these services to McKinleyville.

“Special districts are formed by residents to provide essential services that they want and need at the local level. They provide an opportunity to have local control while enhancing services that make communities thrive and survive.” said CSDA’s CEO Neil McCormick. He continued, “We appreciate the Legislature’s support in raising awareness and increasing understanding about the special districts that serve our State’s communities.”