North Coast Agility & Dog Training Classes

Classes Offered by Leisure Class Instructors Jennifer Eichstedt & Sally Dunn

Rally Obedience

This course is designed for those who are, or are considering competing in the fun sport of Rally Obedience. The instructor competes in Rally Obedience at the Excellent level and has taught obedience, formal, and “family,” for 14+ years. It’s a great way to have fun and sharpen your dog’s skills in the obedience ring and beyond. Come check out a class!

Dog Life & Social Skills

This course is designed to use fun games and exercises to develop real-life, practical dog skills for your home, and being in public. These skills include focus on you, leave it, waiting at the door, coming when called, leashing up manners, loose leash walking, meet and greet, wait for the food bowl, stay, go to their bed, and games/tricks. This class will provide both dogs and ownerswith a foundation of skills that can be used in every day life. All of these behaviors can be taught through positive training and through activities that strengthen your relationship with your dog.

Dog Tricks for Treats

Dog Tricks is a fun and engaging way for dogs and their handlers of all ages to learn a variety of commands not usually covered in an obedience class. Have fun with your dog and develope skills that will help your dog learn! Your dog will learn skills such as: rollover, high five, sit up, crawl, bow, and get in a box.

Doggie House Manners

This course is designed for the those who have had basic obedience and want to continue to work on specific practical and fun skills. In this class dogs will play games, learn how to go to their bed and other house manners to make for a harmonic living environment for both dog and owner.

Agility Foundation Class

This course is designed to teach dogs and handlers foundation behaviors needed to shine in the sport of agility. We work to developeand improve skills such as cueing your dog to move with you, read your motion, clicker/yes training, crate games, come with speed, nose touch, circle work and tug. We work on different surfaces and do tricks; all things important for agility!

Fiesty Fido

This course is designed for you and your Feisty Fido to learn and identify aggression and/or excitement “triggers” and understand the dog’s body language in “trigger” situations.  You’ll learn scientifically proven techniques for helping your dog behave and relax in the presence of other dogs and people. ($110 per this session)


More Information

All Classes meet at Azalea Hall. Please turn in Immunization Documentation Form (Required for class participation) directly to the instructor.

For more information on upcoming classes classes as well as dates and times please see the latest Recreation Activity Guide.