Proposed Sewer Rate Bill Calculator

This sewer rate calculator is available for you to be able to project your future sewer charges based upon the rate structure we are proposing.

The amount of the variable charge is based upon your Customer Classification and your metered volume of water use.  For residential sewer customers, the variable charges are capped at 12 ccf of water use per living unit/month. If your account is billed for multiple sewer units, using the customer classification drop down box, select option (2 Apartments/Multi) under the customer classification and then list the number of living units in the field labeled Units.

Then you can enter your water use amount from a recent bill in the box for Usage Level to view a projected sewer charge for you under the proposed rate structure.

For commercial customers or if you are unsure of your customer classification or your metered water  volume, please call us at 707-839-3251 and we can confirm your water use and the proper customer classification for you to enter to view your proposed sewer charge.

This bill calculator is for informational purposes only.

Customer Information
Please select your Customer Classification (The typical residential classification is "01 - Single Family Residence")
Please select your monthly Sewer Usage. Sewer is billed per hundred cubic feet (HCF).  Look at the left stub on your water bill and enter the number listed under the consumed column below.
Estimated Monthly Sewer Bill
Summary of Charges Current FY2017
Fixed Charge
$ 17.57
$ 21.91
Variable Charge
Total Charges
How much did your bill change?
$ Change  
$ 16.27